• Commercial insurance expertise at Masters Insurance is the direct result of comprehensive product knowledge and an unwavering commitment to understanding each client’s unique operational risks. Recognizing the legal, contractual and governmental environments in which customers operate, gives Masters Insurance the ability to adjust to an ever-changing liability landscape. Each client is provided with unique coverage solutions tailored to their particular requirements and expectations. By customizing coverage and creating manuscript wordings when necessary, Masters Insurance ensures that its clients have the best protection available. Masters Insurance enjoys the strength, longevity, trust and support of the oldest and largest insurers in the industry. It is a trust the company takes very seriously and fosters through knowledge, sincerity, and objectivity.

    While Masters Insurance prides itself on securing comprehensive insurance packages at competitive premiums, the company is equally dedicated to customer service. Whether through prompt response to daily general requests, risk management advice and claims service, Masters’ team of professionals strives to help clients in reducing administrative costs and to create efficiencies in all areas of risk management. Masters Insurance is dedicated to protecting our clients’ best interests and to building partnerships for generations.

    Regardless of your business type, Masters’ knowledgeable insurance professionals will provide a customized commercial insurance package. A few key areas in which industry-leading expertise has been developed are: Contracting and Construction, Development and Realty and Small Business Solutions.

  • From residential renovations to the largest infrastructure projects, Masters Insurance has enjoyed more than 40 years of providing expert general and project-specific insurance to construction clients across North America. Through careful collaboration with clients and insurance providers, Masters Insurance has uniquely positioned itself to ensure construction companies of all sizes and disciplines are adequately protected.

    “Risk and Insurance Cost Management” is a frequently-used phrase in the insurance industry, but what does this actually mean in terms of value for a commercial insurance client? Here are just a few specific examples of how Masters Insurance partners with its contracting clients to effectively manage risk and reduce their overall insurance costs:Annual Reviews – Masters Insurance annual reviews with clients are extensive and thorough. Not only do they ensure clients will be provided with adequacy of limits and coverage, but serve as updates for insurance-related trends and issues.

    Review of Contracts with General Contractors, Subcontractors, Owners, Other Third Parties, etc. – Masters Insurance works with its clients and/or their legal counsel to ensure that the insurance language in their contracts reflects their intent and affords the best protection. This helps to avoid unnecessary delays and disputes in the event of a claim. Our staff is well-versed in advising on all major standard contract types and the many variations thereof.

    Tender Review and Quotations – Masters Insurance works with its clients to review specifications and provide quotations at the tender stage. Where necessary and required, the company also works with or on behalf of clients to amend and/or clarify contract language prior to closing. This attention and understanding allows clients to adequately account for insurance and bonding costs.

    Inspections & Loss Prevention – Masters Insurance works in conjunction with clients and insurers to review and provide valuable information as to how policies can be implemented and procedures adopted which will mitigate or even avoid claims.

    Guidelines and Seminars – Masters’ service commitment begins well before a client’s request. It starts with providing clients and their staff with information packages and guidelines that will help them communicate with all offices and handle insurance issues efficiently. Masters can also provide seminars to our clients on a number of topics relating to insurance and claim protocols within their organizations.

  • Real estate developers and homebuilders create communities – places where families live and businesses thrive. At Masters Insurance, many years have been spent building expertise in the development and real estate insurance field to help protect those communities, from the first shovel in the ground until long after construction is completed. Insurance products are customized to suit ever-changing and emerging trends in the real estate market.

    Over the past 35 years, Masters has established an exclusive, tailor-made Residential Home Builders Program. The company proudly represents over 100 of Ontario’s top home builders. This program is constantly monitored and updated to provide unparalleled coverage at competitive rates, all in an easy-to-manage format. The program has been honoured with longevity and support through one of Canada’s leading insurers.

    Masters also excels in providing risk management service and guidance to condominium developers. Our approach to condominium construction goes far beyond the placement of project policies at competitive rates. Masters analyzes all insurance aspects of a development including trade contracts, purchase and sale agreements, owner-cm agreements, pre- and post-development coverage requirements etc. This approach is unmatched in the insurance industry.

    With a quickly growing and evolving development community, new and complicated legal structures are inevitable. Masters Insurance has the ability to quickly review complex contracts, lease or special agreements and work with legal counsel to provide the best long term insurance solutions for all parties. At Masters, solutions are both created and implemented.

  • Advantages for Employers, Associations and Affinity Groups

    Masters Group Auto & Home Insurance Program can be a great enhancement to your current benefits or total compensation offering. Take advantage of this no cost benefit with minimal administration, to help reward, retain and attract employees / members. Our program offers discounted insurance rates, professional and personalized insurance counselling, quality insurance products and access to Masters Insurance value added in-house claims specialists.The program is easy to administer and is promoted using professional marketing material, on-site information sessions, seasonal loss prevention bulletins and a wide array of communication options.

    To discover more about how belonging to a group has its advantages, please contact:

    Frank Scarano, Director of Programs
    Phone: 905-738-4164
    Toll free: 1-888-673-6495
    Email: fscarano@mastersinsurance.com



    Advantages for Employees and Members

    Saving money on your Group Auto & Home insurance is easy with the following advantages:
    • Competitive group rates
    • Additional discounts applied to the competitive group rates
    • Quality insurance protection
    • Convenient payment options with no interest, service charges or fees which saves you even more money
    • Professional licensed Brokers offering personalized insurance and risk management counselling
    • Access to Masters Insurance value added in-house claims specialists
    • Fast, fair, courteous 24-hour claims service
    • Choice – Should an employee / member not meet the underwriting criteria of the group program, you will be provided with quotations from alternate insurance companies

    If your Employer, Association or Affinity group is offering Masters Insurance Group Auto & Home insurance program we welcome you to contact us.

    To find out more or to receive a no obligation quotation, please contact:

    Stephanie Naples
    Phone: 905-738-4164
    Toll free: 1-888-673-6495
    Email: snaples@mastersinsurance.com

  • Trust. Dedication. Community Involvement. Family Values. Respect. Relentless Service. Integrity. Expertise. Commitment.For Masters Insurance, these words are not found on a piece of paper or a plaque on a wall; they define who we are. For almost half a century, we have been entrusted by leading Canadian organizations to take care of them.

    To ensure that your health care organization is successful and operates efficiently, you need an insurance brokerage that is part of your team and best meets your requirements. You need a partnership based on trust and integrity. We take the time to dig deeper and ask the right questions in order to truly understand your business. By providing risk management services and an in-house claims department, we proactively control the insurance experience of our clients by making their future more predictable.

    Masters Insurance is one of Canada’s largest truly independent insurance brokerages. We have the size and strength to be able to service all of your insurance requirements, but can also proudly provide you with the individual attention and flexibility you need. You are recognized by name, not by a policy or client number. To the benefit of our clients, we offer the unique combination of, expert advice, strong customer focus, attentive personal service, family values and the power of partnering with Canadian and international insurers that are industry leaders. These guiding principles are ever present as we remain true to our belief that the personal satisfaction of each and every client is at the core of our success.

    Making a difference is another guiding principle that for us, transcends insurance. Our strong commitment to volunteerism as well as charitable and community involvement is an integral part of our corporate fiber. We are humbly honoured that one of our founding principals, Sam Ciccolini, has been recognized for his exceptional contribution to community service and awarded the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. This level of care and commitment is evident from the first moment of contact with our valued clients.

    We understand that every dollar is crucial to your health care organization. Providing access to value added services that will help benefit our clients’ bottom line is an integral part of our program. We will select professional firms that share our same principles of integrity, expertise and personal service.

    We are very proud to be partnering with Safety First Consulting Ltd. They are a full service health and safety company providing professional and effective WSIB claims management along with health and safety services.

    Your health care organization is entrusted to care for precious loved ones. Who you entrust to care for your organization’s insurance needs, is just as vital.

    To find out more, please contact:

    Frank Scarano, Director of Programs
    Phone: 905-738-4164
    Toll free: 1-888-673-6495
    Email: fscarano@mastersinsurance.com

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