• Your company’s employees are almost like family. Your goal is to provide some security to them, at an affordable cost to you. Masters can help. Whether you have many employees or just a few, we’ll make sure the whole family has the support they need through group employee benefits.

  • Employee Benefit Plans can be confusing to sort through, but they don’t need to be. Masters constantly strives for the best value for you and your valuable employees.

    Our Group Life, Disability, Health and Dental Employee Benefits department is led by one of the wisest members of Masters’ second generation. Masters has the experience and relationships to help. Your staff will appreciate it. And so will your company’s bottom line.

    We focus on 3 key areas:

    1. Plan Design: On-going market analysis helps take advantage of the latest product trends and opportunities.
    2. Cost Control & Funding: A systematic process scrutinizes costs both at start-up and at renewal for new and existing business.
    3. Admin Features: Assurance that you are matched with the administration team that will best help your Human Resources department with claims as well as procedures to identity and deal with any issues.

  • When it comes to Group Pensions and Retirement Savings for your employees, Masters can help build and nurture the cornerstone to a solid financial future.

    Masters’ process includes:

    1. Plan Design: Since the same shoe doesn’t fit everyone, we’ll set up a Registered Retirement Savings Plan or a Registered Pension Plan with eligibility, participation and pricing designed to suit your company’s needs.
    2. Marketing: We will approach the right mix of insurers and mutual fund providers for quotations. Our rigorous audit process will bring the best and brightest partners to the table.
    3. Masters Value-Added Service: We do more – including employee education, member kits and even individual employee assistance & planning.

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